When Are We?

7 Jun

Wow – time has flown by while at the same time standing still. It’s been over two weeks since LOST ended, and things have been so hectic that both Nerderific and I are behind in posting updates!

During this little blog hiatus, I’ve had a chance to check out a lot of opinions about the finale – some loved it, some hated it.  Where do you stand on the finale?  And on the show in its entirety? Personally, I loved it, while also coming to terms with some of the show’s shortfalls.  I can elaborate, but I’ll leave it at that for now.  Feel free to share your thoughts!

As mentioned previously, Nerderific had a jam-packed finale weekend and has plenty of photos and video to share…just as soon as she graduates from university this week!  So come back next week and hopefully we’ll have her complete update ready.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of our contest winner, Marcy Smith, and her niece Haley at Jay & Jack’s Lost Finale Party at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles on May 23rd.  They had a blast!

Marcy and Haley at the Orpheum Theater for the Lost Finale Party

And below are a few new tributes that we received after the finale. Thanks for sending them in.
Keep ’em coming all summer!

I hadn’t watched a single full episode of Lost until February of this year (2010). There were times it would be on and I’d watch a few minutes before changing the channel, totally not “getting it”. When everyone started making such a big deal about season 6 being the last one I decided to see if I could get into the show starting at the beginning. Watching the pilot on Hulu.com hooked me. I watched the show all day long for several weeks until I was caught up. Lost has to be the best television series ever created.

At first I was lukewarm about the finale, but the more I think about it the more I like it. I’ve read articles and comments from people who complain about unanswered questions. An acquaintance commented that those who must have every question answered are like people who go to a magic show and then go home to use google to find out how the tricks were done. He was on to something: I’d rather let the magic remain than to hear the explanations for every mystery.

I’ve never felt lingering sadness when a TV show ends, but this one… I’m going to miss.

-Donny Pauling

* * *

I wanted to thank Damon, Carlton and everyone on Lost for helping my last 6 years of my life be so much better during the hard times.  When it started I was in ending an abusive relationship with my husband at the time, then the divorce happened in 2006 with my son dying the next week, after being hit by a car.  I had to move that same week too since I was now single.   I moved in to my new home, alone, with my new custody arrangement with my young son, having too much time by myself when he was with his father.  I had Lost to keep me involved in life, something to think about, keep my mind going, giving me something else to think about.  I made good friends through this all, played the on line games and became a bit obsessed with them I might add.  I was #2 in the Octagon Global Recruiting game (maladylis)  and what fun it was !  Most of all it helped me with the loss of my son while creating a whole community out there of people to chat with about something we all fell in love with.  We will be sorry to see you go but will be watching faithfully for what ever your next project is.  Thank you everyone, it was quite a ride !!

-Lisa Whitten

* * *

When a coworker moved from the print/communications team to work for the Web team (we share the same office space), we found a fun way for her team to say goodbye and for us to welcome her. We threw a party. And since many of us are Lost fanatics, well, you know Lost always finds a way to enter our real world. I baked the cake and one of the designers decorated it. Then we added a few more Dharma items…

aka @pinkpodster

* * *

Thanks again to everyone sending in messages, videos, pictures and tributes. We’d love more, so send them our way at welovelostblog (at) gmail.com and we’ll post them all summer long.



Why We Got Lost

26 May

Our new friend Steven Greenstreet of minorityFILMS shot this video at a movie theater screening of ‘The End’ on Sunday night in Arlington, VA.  Here are a few fans, and why they got Lost:

Thank you so much, Steven!

This blog was created to Thank Darlton and the Lost team for our collective journey over six years.  We hope you will send in your own personal messages, tributes, videos, finale pictures, stories, and whatever you’d like to share about what Lost has meant to you.  Just email us at welovelostblog (at) gmail.com and we’ll post them here to share with Losties everywhere.

Thank YOU, and Namaste

LA Times Mentions ‘We Love Lost’

24 May

This morning I had a nice chat with Maria Elena Fernandez, writer for the LA Times, regarding my thoughts on the Finale.  In her article on Fan reaction to the final episode, which posted this evening, she quotes me and mentions this blog (thanks, Maria!).

Before you check out the article, let me say that I had just seen the episode via laptop in my hotel room and was totally overcome with emotion.  I didn’t really have time to process much except for my initial feelings.  After a 10-minute interview in which I extol the virtues of all-things-Lost, somehow the most awkward quote was the one selected.  Such is life, right?  But hey, not often one gets quoted in the LA Times, so I’ll take it.   😉

DeAnne Millais

Click for the Article:

‘Lost’ Finale Creates Islands of Thought

The End

24 May

My God that was beautiful.

I (whmscl) was at a friend’s wedding last night as mentioned in my previous post and wasn’t able to watch the finale as it happened.  I set my alarm for 6am and woke up to watch the two-hour recap on ABC.com, followed by the finale – with a short break in between to gather tissues, water and all of the necessities to prepare myself for The End.

I finished at 10:15am, after crying off and on for hours.  What a lovely and heart wrenching ending to a show that has meant to much to all of us.  I really can’t believe it’s over.  I will miss it so much.

Yesterday, before the finale, I went to one of my typical Forums to see what the usual suspects had to say.  In the midst of warm remarks and reminiscences, an amazing thing happened.  One of the long-time posters (who has a rather well-known thread in the Forum) said that because of LOST, he came to believe in God.  That he started to piece together the things that were happening, and had always been happening, in his life and realized that there was something bigger at work.  He said it was as if a bright light was behind a door and all he needed to do was open it.  When I saw The End, the final scenes added to the impact of his story.

Whether you are a believer, agnostic or an atheist, there is something we can all find in LOST to inspire each of us to be our better selves.

This blog was created to Thank Darlton and the Lost team for our collective journey over six years.  We hope you will send in your own personal messages, tributes, videos, finale pictures, stories, and whatever you’d like to share about what Lost has meant to you.

We received this message at 12:05am last night:

Thank you. My husband Shane passed away on May 1, 2010 at the age of 38. We were rabid LOST fans and no matter what else was going on, Tuesday LOST nights were our date nite. We would make sure the kids were down early and we would sit down with a drink – beer for him, whiskey for me – and wait with eager anticipation for OUR show to begin. I would be ooing and awwing through the entire episode, while he would always remain quiet. However, his eyes would glass up at the Jin and Sun or Sawyer and Juliet stories. My husband was a hopeless romantic and even though tonight’s episode was bittersweet I know he would have been crying right alongside me. Thank you LOST for almost a full 6 years of beautiful Tuesday nights spent with my very own hybrid of Jack/Sawyer. I will always remember this show and my husband.

Fondly…. Nicole

Finale Weekend – Let’s Thank Darlton!!

22 May

It’s almost here…The End.  We’re excited yet sad, and we’re pretty sure you are, too.   I (whmscl), have been put in the ultimate Lostie conundrum: Watch the Lost Finale at a huge party with like-minded fans, or go the wedding of a friend who I’ve known since Freshman year of college.  Though my dark side said, “FINALE!” my light side said “Friends are all that matters in this life”…you know, the whole live together die alone thing.  So, I will miss watching the finale of my favorite show of all time as it happens and will instead view it on laptop sometime in the middle of the night. As such, I’ll be off twitter and blog for most of the weekend – I don’t want to take any chances of being spoiled!

My blog teammate, nerderific, on the other hand, is having a cavalcade of Lost all weekend long.  She was even at the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night watching Darlton’s very last interview for a while.  She’ll report back next week on all of the fun including a Lost Fan party tonight and a big Finale event tomorrow, so check back!

We’ve gotten a few great tributes so far, which we’ll reveal next week, but we want MORE!  Send in your THANK YOU DARLTON messages, video tributes, pictures of you at your finale parties, stories from previous experiences and anything you want to share with the LOST team and fellow Losties.  We’ll post them next week and beyond!

All you have to do is email your messages and tributes to us at
welovelostblog (at) gmail.com and we’ll do the rest!

See the ABOUT page for details.  Oh, and you Lost Fan Artists out there, check out our We Love Lost Fan Art Project page…we want you!

* * *
Before we log off for the big weekend, here are a few tributes we want to share to get you ready for tomorrow.

Jorge Garcia, better known as Hurley, wrote a wonderful reminiscence about his time on LOST in yesterday’s Variety. Here’s an excerpt:

Hurley Says Goodbye To Lost

by Jorge Garcia

Moving to Hawaii was a dream come true. When I worked the magazine stand at Borders in Westwood, I remember seeing a picture of Kelsey Grammer in his Hawaiian home on the cover of Architectural Digest and thinking that having a home in Hawaii was a good benchmark for success. Not two months in my new apartment in L.A., I was trying to figure out what to pack for a show that I had no idea how long would last. Now six years later, I walk around my house trying to figure out what to pack from all of the stuff I have amassed in Hawaii over the show’s run.

During the pilot and the first summer of shooting we bonded quickly as a cast. After all, not unlike the show’s premise, we literally found ourselves on an island with one another. We’d go to each other’s houses on the weekends and nights when we weren’t shooting. When the shows started airing, we would usually gather at the house of whomever the show was going to feature that week to watch and congratulate each other.

We had no information about what was going on beyond what we read in the script each week. We knew we were making TV that was not like anything seen before and crossed our fingers hoping we would find an audience who liked what we were doing.

The series premiere brought in better numbers than we anticipated and I remember saying to the other actors the next day, “I hope you like it in Hawaii because we may be here for a while.”

For the COMPLETE article, click here for Variety

* * *

And Jeff Jensen from Entertainment Weekly tweeted about a wonderful reminiscence by Zach (aka The Director) at his blog Mostly Movies . Here’s an excerpt:

LOST: In the words of Jim Morrison, “This is The End…”

by Zach (aka The Director)

During the hiatus between Season 1 and Season 2, I was trying to get my father to sit down with me and watch the first season. I knew my Dad would love the show, for he’s always been into Sci-fi. However, he declined, saying he was “watching too much TV as it is”. For weeks I continued to nag him to watch, until he finally gave in. With each episode we watched, he became more and more hooked. There were some nights where we watched 4 or more episodes. As we finished season 1, and my father watched the famous shot of Locke and Jack peering down the hatch, I remember him turning to me and thanking me for making him watch. LOST became a weekly thing for him and I. At the time, my folks were divorced and I was living with my mom but that didn’t stop us from watching the show together or even being on the phone throughout most of it. At a time when I wasn’t seeing my father as much as I liked, LOST kept us together and even helped us become closer then we already were. So, LOST not only helped me through high school, it helped me through my parent’s divorce.

For the COMPLETE post, click here for Mostly Movies

* * *

And finally, here are a couple of fan-made promos to get us ready for tonight’s rewatch of the Pilot and tomorrow’s last hurrah.

First, “Obsession” by Danny Simonzad, for the Lost Promo Contest.  So good!

So good, and yet, a bit of a bummer, right?  Don’t worry – we have plenty of months of re-watching to go…and LOST will always be with us…in here (points to heart).

And next, a Season Six Final Episode Promo by minorityFILMS sent in to us by Steven Greenstreet.  It’s chock full of the introspective themes that are central to LOST.

Pretty cool, huh? Our Losties have been through a lot!  Come to think of it, so have we…

* * *

And with that we wish you a wonderful LOST FINALE WEEKEND!  Think of me as you enjoy the finale on your wide screen TV.  I’ll be catching up afterward on the tiny laptop screen in my hotel room.  But it doesn’t matter.  I just want to see what happens to the characters we’ve come to love as we reach the end.

(Send in those tributes!)

#ThankstoLost Day – Success!!

22 May

What a day yesterday!  Thousands of people from all over the world tweeted their thanks to Lost!  From touching to funny there were so many sentiments that it was hard to pick the best.  We were re-tweeting periodically throughout the day from our @welovelost twitter account, and we had a hard time controlling ourselves!

Here are yesterday’s top re-tweets – the ones re-tweeted the most in the twitterverse:

brunablack #ThankstoLost whenever I get a nosebleed I start to worry about possible temporal displacement.

lostpedia #thankstolost for ticka-ticka ticka-ticka ticka-ticka.

And a new top re-tweet today:

meganreilly #ThankstoLOST my husband’s wedding vows included the sentence “I want to be your constant,” and half the guests got it.

And here are just a few of our favorites from yesterday:

DharmaBUM_108 #ThankstoLost The President of the United States was forced to change the “State of the Union Address” to a different day! Obama’s a fan, 2!

Wilson_Gk #ThanksToLost I can accept the idea that not all mysteries require solutions

TjsNeuroses #ThanksToLost I have the misfortune of knowing what “shipper” means…

cinjudes #ThanksToLost I finally got over my lifelong issues with my freckles

ashleydavidson #ThanksToLost I now relate everything that happens back to #Lost. “Well, this one time on Lost…”

LostMythos #ThanksToLost for teaching us all that believing in yourself is the most important thing

writerchica #ThankstoLost I learned that destiny is a fickle bitch.

MaskedDevera I pay more attention. #ThankstoLOST

MollyFaraday #ThankstoLost I want to live in a jungle and never wash my hair and meet cute troubled boys and carry around a gun in the back of my jeans

CallieNotFornia #ThankstoLost I’ll be eating a candy bar on Sunday that expired 4 years ago. Yes, I saved my Apollo bar for the finale. No, I’m not kidding.

lilbrusc102 #ThankstoLost “See you in anotha life brotha” is an acceptable way to say good-bye, like LLAP and “may the force be with you”.

jedfindlay #ThankstoLost Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure is ruined! This whole plot is paradoxical time travel!!!

SawyerandKate #ThanksToLOST I have read a lot of books I should have read a long time ago.

MollyFaraday #ThankstoLost I will appreciate every shower

Sarah_Bethe #ThankstoLost I have more faith.

bmcanally #thankstolost I’m suspicious that there is something more to the light and drain in my swimming pool.

bmcanally #thankstolost I spend my weekends at the marina waving to passing yachts with “Not Penny’s Boat” written on my hand.

igalindom #ThanksToLost and Sawyer, I believe that the perfect man actually exists!!

lajefadelrodo #ThankstoLost I fell in love with Juliett and always wanted to have a friend like Hugo

jawapez #thankstolost I have a stack of great soundtracks to listen to every Tuesday

Merileedee #ThankstoLost I will follow the careers of Henry Ian Cusick, Jorge Garcia, Nestor Carbonell and Josh Holloway

Ohcomeonnow #thankstolost “dude”….just dude.

CdrJeff #thankstolost I no longer let my wife lurk around excavation pits where I plan to explode nuclear devices

monkey815 #Thankstolost Michael Giacchino is the new John Williams

NatkCole #Thankstolost for giving me something to look forward to every week

Richyl88 #ThankstoLost I now know that answers to questions only lead to more questions

Davemoley3 #ThankstoLost I use Jacobs name as an excuse for everything. “Jacob told me to” “Jacob made me” “Its what Jacob wants” They think I’m weird

Zap2ItLost #thankstoLost I scream “We have to go back!” in far too many mundane situations. My wife has remained unamused.

LOST_BOSS #thanksToLOST I’m not afraid of using a sharpie to take notes… on paper, or if necessary on my palms.

alex5348 #ThanksToLost I have widened my creativity

DharmaScientist #ThanksToLost Everything happens for a reason, and I know that someday, I will find my constant, and we will sail around the world.

brunablack #ThankstoLost I’m freaking terrified of NYC taxi cabs and their receipt printers.

disasterpiece13 #thankstolost I can now take my dog to a halloween party w/o making him look ridiculous 🙂 I can just say he’s vincent

erikjfisher #ThanksToLost I appreciate my wife. Women are much easier to understand than #LOST

zort70 #ThankstoLost – I check my backpack for C4 bombs every time someone hand’s it back to me

jbenitez_MaxPow #thankstoLost I’ve been on twiitter for an hour, reading you… and not working… my boss is gonna kill me! lol

erinava #ThanksToLost I have realized I am a nerd. And I love it. I am completely comfortable with myself now because of #Lost

BigO #thankstolost I randomly yell out WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!!!!!!!!!

DKPublishing #ThankstoLOST for the best philosophical discussions I’ve had since college. We’ll miss you!

jennten #Thankstolost for thrilling me, making me cry, making me laugh, completely preoccupying me, and teaching me so much about life.

EowynJade #ThankstoLOST for family-theorizing-time before and after watching. And for friends all over the world, I’ve met because of the show

jami674 #ThankstoLost calling pple JumboTron, StayPuft, Frogurt,Freckles, CueBall,Cheech,AlJazeera,Doc,or Chewie isn’t considered an insult anymore

dutch_treat #ThankstoLost I now always study all the people on the flight with me closely and wonder what’ll be like to be stuck on an island with them.

BenjaminRolt #thankstolost I have forgotten Charlie was in lord of the rings first!

LostArgs Since May 2008 we have managed to create over 430 Blog posts #ThanksToLost

EinsteinTech #thankstolost I smile whenever I see filthy black smoke billow out of a diesel engine. #lost

EowynJade #ThankstoLOST for believing that redemption is possible – and that no one does it alone.

ednna For turning a TV series into a social experience #ThanksToLost

jami674 #ThankstoLost for imaginary peanut butter. It never tasted so good.

DrummerCindy “Son of a bitch” never sounded sexier #ThanksToLost

TBlair64 #thankstolost I discovered what I want to do for a living; write screenplays. Maybe someday I’ll write one that’s almost as good as lost is.

Arbee1 #lost #thankstolost I have some knowledge of quantum physics, ancient egyptian mythology, con-artistry, Philosophers and electromagnetism.

ByrneSupremacy #thankstolost for showing that a TV program can be both intelligently stimulating and emotionally endearing at the same time

andalone #ThanksToLost I’ve learned amazing life lessons, made steadfast friendships, acquired incredible art and been given hope for epic romance.

GuruBluGuy #ThankstoLOST I see numbers everywhere!!!

Takao100 #ThankstoLost for creating these flawed characters that everyone could relate to

ginadardis #ThankstoLOST I have made new friends

brittanyracht #ThanksToLost when I hear someone say “You all,” immediately I add “EVERYBODY!” in my head. and sometimes aloud.

EldelaPuerta #ThanksToLost I learned about science, religion, relationships, antropology, egyptology, literature, ghost and Evangeline Lilly

alirio #ThankstoLost I’ve been able to go places and meet people in ways I had always stopped myself from doing before.

rickymar #ThanksToLost I’m a better person. A better conman. A better half sister lover. A better time traveler. A better heroin addict. A better me.

angelavanrijs #thankstolost I have just spent the past 30mins tearing up reading the #thankstolost trending list….

* * *

To see a list of all of the tweets, check out yesterday’s post for a few suggested ways to view them.

In all of the craziness yesterday, we’re sure we probably missed a bunch of amazing tweets, but we did our best to re-tweet as much as we could (without driving our followers too crazy!).

Thanks again to our friend Jami Losurdo for creating such a fun day.  It’s been decided that since yesterday was so fantastic, #ThankstoLost Day will now be #ThankstoLost Weekend! So keep those tweets going!

And with that we’ll end with this final tweet:

SkyyTweet #ThanksToLost I realize that it isn’t “Thanks to Lost Day” anymore, but don’t tell me what I can’t do! I’m supposed to do this, dammit!

* * *

Oh, and remember to send in your Thank You messages, tribute videos, pictures and updates to welovelostblog (at) gmail.com before and after the finale to continue to Thank Darlton and to share your favorite experiences with the LOST team and your fellow Losties. We’ll post them next week to permanently share with the world!

Happy “Thanks to Lost” Day!

21 May

It’s Finally Here!!!

Today is #ThankstoLost Day on Twitter!

As we’ve mentioned, our friend Jami Losurdo created this day so that we can collectively thank LOST for six great years.  Be sure to thank Darlton and the LOST crew in 140 characters or less, and include the hashtag #ThankstoLost . Let’s make #ThankstoLost a trending topic today – we can do it!

We’ll RE-TWEET some of the best tweets throughout the day at twitter.com/welovelost (and we may even post some this weekend, so check back and see if your tweet is amongst them!)

Also, to the right>>> we’ve added an RSS feed of your tweets.  Sadly, wordpress.com doesn’t allow a fancy twitterfeed box, so you may need to hit F5. If refreshing isn’t your destiny, then just go here for the #ThankstoLost search on twitter.

We also suggest our friends at welovelost.com (no relation) who created a fun little application to gather all tweets featuring #welovelost. Thanks to their Lostie kindness, they’ve added #thankstolost to their code, so you can check out the tweets in a fun new way!

Special thanks to our friend Andy at DarkUFO for spreading the word today!

Oh, and remember to send in your Thank You messages, tribute videos, pictures and updates to welovelostblog (at) gmail.com before and after the finale to continue to Thank Darlton and to share your favorite experiences with the LOST team and your fellow Losties.  We’ll post them next week to permanently share with the world!

Happy #ThankstoLost Day!!!

We Love Lost