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LA Times Mentions ‘We Love Lost’

24 May

This morning I had a nice chat with Maria Elena Fernandez, writer for the LA Times, regarding my thoughts on the Finale.  In her article on Fan reaction to the final episode, which posted this evening, she quotes me and mentions this blog (thanks, Maria!).

Before you check out the article, let me say that I had just seen the episode via laptop in my hotel room and was totally overcome with emotion.  I didn’t really have time to process much except for my initial feelings.  After a 10-minute interview in which I extol the virtues of all-things-Lost, somehow the most awkward quote was the one selected.  Such is life, right?  But hey, not often one gets quoted in the LA Times, so I’ll take it.   😉

DeAnne Millais

Click for the Article:

‘Lost’ Finale Creates Islands of Thought


We Love Lost!

12 May

We love LOST…and if you’re here, we’re pretty sure you love LOST, too.  So why not spread the love and tell the world what LOST has done for you?

Is LOST just a show?  Heck no!  It’s a journey filled with constant mystery, variable experiences and innumerable greatest hits.  Now is your opportunity to THANK DARLTON and share your LOST journey.  Razzle Dazzle!

Have you spent hours on message boards arguing the validity of multiple worlds theory?  Have you dressed up in a Dharma uniform and ventured out to meet other Losties (hopefully also dressed in Dharma uniform)?  Have you argued with your BFF that whatever happens happens better not happen? Whether you’re a fan, a crew member or a colleague, we want to know your LOST experience!

Here are your instructions:

Option #1 – Send us a video telling (and showing!) what LOST has meant to you these past six years.  In three minutes or so, thank Darlton and tell them why you love LOST…and what LOST has done for (or to) you.  It’s the least we can do, right?  Then we’ll upload your videos and keep this record of why we all love LOST.  Dude, it’s totally cool.

Send the URL link to your youtube video with your full name and the title of the video to welovelostblog (at)

Option #2 –  If video isn’t your thing, then send a message with words and pictures!  In 200 words or less, thank Darlton and tell them what you’ve been up to thanks to their show.  And be sure to include your full name and one creative picture of yourself in all of your LOST glory. Photos must be sized for the web and no larger than 200kb.  As in #1, send your submissions to welovelostblog (at)

We’ll do our best to upload your submissions in a timely manner.  And we’ll also do our best to review each piece for appropriate content.  But we’re only human, so if you see anything that isn’t appropriate, please report it immediately.

Thank you, and namaste.