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Favorite Lost Sites:, lostARGs, DarkUFO

Favorite Characters: Sawyer, Desmond, Sayid

Favorite Episodes: The Constant

Why I Love Lost:

When Lost first premiered, I watched the first season and was intrigued. But life got in the way, I missed a few episodes, and decided that I missed way too much to keep up, so I dropped the show for a while.  That is, until mid-season two.  I happened upon a recap episode when I heard that there was a guy in a hatch, a computer with a button, and a tail section – WHAT?!  Well, let’s just say my mind was blown.  I love a good mystery, and Lost was turning out to be right up my alley.

Now, all of this intrigue had me jonesing for more information, so where could I turn but the good ol’ internets?   After doing a search for “Lost” and “theories”, I came upon the numbers forum and a little gem called the Ultimate Theory. And from that point I was hooked.

Six years later I’ve spent hours each week scouring theories, following ARGs, meeting Losties and beseeching everyone I know to watch what I feel is the most multi-layered and philosophically relevant drama I’ve ever seen.

My name is whmscl, and I’m a Lostoholic.



@nerderific / @welovelost


Favorite Lost Sites: (I love that I can research ANYTHING Lost related and they have it!),

Favorite Characters: TEAM JACK! Sawyer, Sayid, Desmond

Favorite Episodes: White Rabbit, Do No Harm, All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Through the Looking Glass, The Constant, Dr. Linus, and the Pilot

Why I Love Lost: Where do I even start?! In 2004 I was at Comic Con (as usual!) and I actually skipped the Lost panel because it conflicted with something else, I believe it was the Lord of the Rings panel. lol I did snag the original poster as well as the three WANTED ads of Jack, Kate, and Charlie. I was bummed that I didn’t see the pilot at Con so when I heard there was going to be a bunch of Lost events at the ABC Primetime Weekend at Disney’s California Adventure, I was stoked! I went to everything that weekend; the photo op, the panel, the pilot screening, etc. I was lucky enough to get Foxy to sign my poster and I also was lucky enough to run into Dom before he left sans the screaming teenage girls. He signed my poster, took a photo with me and even hung out and chatted a bit with us. I got into the screening that night at Downtown Disney and was blown away by the show. It seemed more like a film than a television program and I could not wait for the first season to start! From that first viewing, I became a die hard TEAM JACK girl. And the rest as they say, is history.

I have loved this show since before day 1 and have never once waivered in my Lost addiction. I really don’t understand people who lost interest in the show, I’ve felt drawn to it from the start. Like Whmscl, I consider myself a Lostaholic. I can’t ever seem to debate the show and theories enough, I’m always working on some Lost related project (from custom shirts, to props for parties, to an actual Dharma Initiative Wine-in-a-Box!) I’m a card carrying Dharma Initiative member (yes, I actually went into the Dharma Initiative booth at Con, took the test and received my official membership card). This past year alone I have attended and/or participated in enough Lost related events to literally OD on the show; Comic Con, D23, LostU, DC&APB event at Gallery1988, Hawaii Premiere, Paley PLUS the upcoming: LOST Live UCLA/DC&APB, Daniel Dae Kim dinner event, Times Talks Live in theatres, Darlton on Kimmel and Jay & Jack Finale party. I have no idea what will fill the gaping hole in my heart when Lost is over, but man, was it an awesome ride!

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