The End

24 May

My God that was beautiful.

I (whmscl) was at a friend’s wedding last night as mentioned in my previous post and wasn’t able to watch the finale as it happened.  I set my alarm for 6am and woke up to watch the two-hour recap on, followed by the finale – with a short break in between to gather tissues, water and all of the necessities to prepare myself for The End.

I finished at 10:15am, after crying off and on for hours.  What a lovely and heart wrenching ending to a show that has meant to much to all of us.  I really can’t believe it’s over.  I will miss it so much.

Yesterday, before the finale, I went to one of my typical Forums to see what the usual suspects had to say.  In the midst of warm remarks and reminiscences, an amazing thing happened.  One of the long-time posters (who has a rather well-known thread in the Forum) said that because of LOST, he came to believe in God.  That he started to piece together the things that were happening, and had always been happening, in his life and realized that there was something bigger at work.  He said it was as if a bright light was behind a door and all he needed to do was open it.  When I saw The End, the final scenes added to the impact of his story.

Whether you are a believer, agnostic or an atheist, there is something we can all find in LOST to inspire each of us to be our better selves.

This blog was created to Thank Darlton and the Lost team for our collective journey over six years.  We hope you will send in your own personal messages, tributes, videos, finale pictures, stories, and whatever you’d like to share about what Lost has meant to you.

We received this message at 12:05am last night:

Thank you. My husband Shane passed away on May 1, 2010 at the age of 38. We were rabid LOST fans and no matter what else was going on, Tuesday LOST nights were our date nite. We would make sure the kids were down early and we would sit down with a drink – beer for him, whiskey for me – and wait with eager anticipation for OUR show to begin. I would be ooing and awwing through the entire episode, while he would always remain quiet. However, his eyes would glass up at the Jin and Sun or Sawyer and Juliet stories. My husband was a hopeless romantic and even though tonight’s episode was bittersweet I know he would have been crying right alongside me. Thank you LOST for almost a full 6 years of beautiful Tuesday nights spent with my very own hybrid of Jack/Sawyer. I will always remember this show and my husband.

Fondly…. Nicole


One Response to “The End”

  1. Donny Pauling May 25, 2010 at 8:56 am #

    I hadn’t watched a single full episode of Lost until February of this year (2010). There were times it would be on and I’d watch a few minutes before changing the channel, totally not “getting it”. When everyone started making such a big deal about season 6 being the last one I decided to see if I could get into the show starting at the beginning. Watching the pilot on hooked me. I watched the show all day long for several weeks until I was caught up. Lost has to be the best television series ever created.

    At first I was lukewarm about the finale, but the more I think about it the more I like it. I’ve read articles and comments from people who complain about unanswered questions. An acquaintance commented that those who must have every question answered are like people who go to a magic show and then go home to use google to find out how the tricks were done. He was on to something: I’d rather let the magic remain than to hear the explanations for every mystery.

    I’ve never felt lingering sadness when a TV show ends, but this one… I’m going to miss.

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