LA Times Mentions ‘We Love Lost’

24 May

This morning I had a nice chat with Maria Elena Fernandez, writer for the LA Times, regarding my thoughts on the Finale.  In her article on Fan reaction to the final episode, which posted this evening, she quotes me and mentions this blog (thanks, Maria!).

Before you check out the article, let me say that I had just seen the episode via laptop in my hotel room and was totally overcome with emotion.  I didn’t really have time to process much except for my initial feelings.  After a 10-minute interview in which I extol the virtues of all-things-Lost, somehow the most awkward quote was the one selected.  Such is life, right?  But hey, not often one gets quoted in the LA Times, so I’ll take it.   😉

DeAnne Millais

Click for the Article:

‘Lost’ Finale Creates Islands of Thought


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