And The Winner Is…

19 May

Our Lost Finale Contest has closed, and with much consideration to all of the wonderful entries, we’ve chosen our candidate:

Marcy Smith!

Haley and Marcy (holding her daughter)

Here are some excerpts from her entry:

I want to surprise my niece and take her with me.  Obviously, we are mega fans of all things LOST, but whats most important to me is her and her happiness.  My niece Haley is so special, she is redemption in human form.  I believe that my faith brought her to this world. When my sister was in a dark place I prayed that something, anything, pull her out of this part of her life. Well, it was Haley…My sister became the best mother I ever knew, all because of Haley. Now 14 years later, Haley is going through some tough times…We had to explain to her about her fathers drug problems.  We decided the best way was the example of Charlie Pace.  This made her feel so much better because she knows he can get better and be good again. And just very recently, he is redeeming himself as well.  Please consider us for these tickets. This would be the most fun day of our lives!

~ Marcy

Marcy’s story is the epitome of what Lost is all about, and we couldn’t resist giving her and her niece this special experience.

We’ll send her two orchestra tickets for this Sunday’s Jay & Jack Finale Party at the Orpheum sponsored by Global Cash Card.  Congratulations Marcy and Haley!

* * *

Honorable Mention goes to Kristy Davis, who sent in a great poem about Locke!  For her creativity, we’re going to send her a fun Lost-related treat. Here’s her poem:

My obsession with LOST, it runs so deep
I dream of hatches; hear ticka-tickas in my sleep
I love to quote John Locke, it’s true…
“Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

I fell in love right from the start.
‘Twas Locke’s sly grin that stole my heart.
The adventure and suspense held me tight
when I heard the monster that first night.

Since the reveal  in Walkabout,
Locke’s mystery has always stood out.
From broken man to Man In Black,
From deceived son to leader of the pack…

He will prevail and be redeemed
‘Cause up till now it’s not as it seemed.
Locke’s story has been the best by far.
Oh, how I will miss that telltale scar…


Kristy in L.A.

Thank you to EVERYONE that entered!!! We hope you all find great ways to spend finale night.  Please send pics – we’ll post them here!


Also a reminder that Friday is #ThankstoLost Day on Twitter!  We’ll have a feed of all of the messages here, so check in on Friday and see what other Losties are saying. We’re going to pick a few of the best posts along the way and will feature them on our main page so be creative!

Finally, be sure to SEND US your messages to THANK DARLTON and include photos of you at your finale parties or photos from previous Lost experiences.  Just email them to welovelostblog (at) and we’ll post them here to share with the world!  (See the ABOUT page for details!)

Thanks again.  Losties are the best!


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