Lostie Love

20 May

Hey Losties,

As the finale draws near, we’re all feeling the mutual love.  In today’s post, we have a fun little assortment of tributes to share, starting with a great video by Lost Fan Stephen Fry!  Check out his tribute to “Losties” (with one of our fav songs of all time)…

Thanks Stephen!

* * *

Next up, podcasters Jay & Jack – who are throwing the biggest Lost finale party of all time for which we gave away two tickets yesterday – are featured in LATimes.com today with an article dedicated to Lost fans!  Here’s an excerpt:

Lost Fans, This One Is For And About You

by Maria Elena Fernandez @writerchica

There are many great things to take in and remember about “Lost.”

But the biggest gift the ABC show has bestowed on those of us who have watched, obsessed, analyzed and debated its meaning and plot over the last six years is… each other.

Wouldn’t you say?

What would this magnificent ride have been if we weren’t constantly talking, blogging, podcasting and, lately, tweeting about how we feel about the show? Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have given birth to an impressive community — not of “crazy Lost fans,” but of people who care deeply about so many things: art, literature, science and philosophy. And, yes, of course, the numbers and the Smoke Monster and the four-toed statue and the Oceanic 815 castaways.

There are many great and popular TV shows, shows that touch hearts and entertain and somehow become bigger than themselves. But what I saw in January on Waikiki Beach — 12,000 people gathered for the season premiere, people who came from around the globe to share a singular experience — spoke volumes to me about the worldwide impact of a drama that started almost on a lark.

It’s both exciting and sad to think of “The End” on Sunday. But the fans have done it again. A whopping 2,000 “Lost” viewers, some from as far away as Europe, Australia and Turkey, will gather at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday for an event that will include Q&A’s with “Lost” actors, with beloved “Lost” blogger Jo Garfein, and the finale screening. And, no, this is not an ABC event.

In fact, I’m going to call it the largest independent fan party in TV history because, honestly, I’ve never heard of anything like this. The hosts are father-and-son “Lost” podcasting dynamos Jay and Jack Glatfelter, who have been doing their thing since 2005 and get 500,000 downloads a month from 70 countries.

For the full article, click here for LATimes.com!

* * *

And since The End is so near, we all need a little hope for the future, right? The sideways world is ripe for spinoffs, and being die-hard Sawyer fans we flipped for this video made by podcasters Jed & Cara.

* * *

Remember, TOMORROW is #ThankstoLost Day on Twitter, so tweet those creative, funny, touching, insightful tweets tomorrow, and check here for a feed on the sidebar.  We’ll pick out some of the best tweets and save them on the main post for all eternity!

A VERY special thanks to our friend Zort at LostARGs for helping us spread the word about #ThankstoLost Day and our site (and for all he and the LostARGS team do in general for those of us who can’t get enough Lost!).

Please be sure to send in your video tributes, pictures, thank you messages, and more all this weekend, and we’ll post them to THANK DARLTON and share with Losties everywhere!  Just email us at welovelostblog (at) gmail.com, and we’ll do the rest!

Oh, and check out our “We Love Lost Fan Art Project Page – we want you!

Until later, Aloha!


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