When Are We?

7 Jun

Wow – time has flown by while at the same time standing still. It’s been over two weeks since LOST ended, and things have been so hectic that both Nerderific and I are behind in posting updates!

During this little blog hiatus, I’ve had a chance to check out a lot of opinions about the finale – some loved it, some hated it.  Where do you stand on the finale?  And on the show in its entirety? Personally, I loved it, while also coming to terms with some of the show’s shortfalls.  I can elaborate, but I’ll leave it at that for now.  Feel free to share your thoughts!

As mentioned previously, Nerderific had a jam-packed finale weekend and has plenty of photos and video to share…just as soon as she graduates from university this week!  So come back next week and hopefully we’ll have her complete update ready.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of our contest winner, Marcy Smith, and her niece Haley at Jay & Jack’s Lost Finale Party at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles on May 23rd.  They had a blast!

Marcy and Haley at the Orpheum Theater for the Lost Finale Party

And below are a few new tributes that we received after the finale. Thanks for sending them in.
Keep ’em coming all summer!

I hadn’t watched a single full episode of Lost until February of this year (2010). There were times it would be on and I’d watch a few minutes before changing the channel, totally not “getting it”. When everyone started making such a big deal about season 6 being the last one I decided to see if I could get into the show starting at the beginning. Watching the pilot on Hulu.com hooked me. I watched the show all day long for several weeks until I was caught up. Lost has to be the best television series ever created.

At first I was lukewarm about the finale, but the more I think about it the more I like it. I’ve read articles and comments from people who complain about unanswered questions. An acquaintance commented that those who must have every question answered are like people who go to a magic show and then go home to use google to find out how the tricks were done. He was on to something: I’d rather let the magic remain than to hear the explanations for every mystery.

I’ve never felt lingering sadness when a TV show ends, but this one… I’m going to miss.

-Donny Pauling

* * *

I wanted to thank Damon, Carlton and everyone on Lost for helping my last 6 years of my life be so much better during the hard times.  When it started I was in ending an abusive relationship with my husband at the time, then the divorce happened in 2006 with my son dying the next week, after being hit by a car.  I had to move that same week too since I was now single.   I moved in to my new home, alone, with my new custody arrangement with my young son, having too much time by myself when he was with his father.  I had Lost to keep me involved in life, something to think about, keep my mind going, giving me something else to think about.  I made good friends through this all, played the on line games and became a bit obsessed with them I might add.  I was #2 in the Octagon Global Recruiting game (maladylis)  and what fun it was !  Most of all it helped me with the loss of my son while creating a whole community out there of people to chat with about something we all fell in love with.  We will be sorry to see you go but will be watching faithfully for what ever your next project is.  Thank you everyone, it was quite a ride !!

-Lisa Whitten

* * *

When a coworker moved from the print/communications team to work for the Web team (we share the same office space), we found a fun way for her team to say goodbye and for us to welcome her. We threw a party. And since many of us are Lost fanatics, well, you know Lost always finds a way to enter our real world. I baked the cake and one of the designers decorated it. Then we added a few more Dharma items…

aka @pinkpodster

* * *

Thanks again to everyone sending in messages, videos, pictures and tributes. We’d love more, so send them our way at welovelostblog (at) gmail.com and we’ll post them all summer long.



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