Finale Weekend – Let’s Thank Darlton!!

22 May

It’s almost here…The End.  We’re excited yet sad, and we’re pretty sure you are, too.   I (whmscl), have been put in the ultimate Lostie conundrum: Watch the Lost Finale at a huge party with like-minded fans, or go the wedding of a friend who I’ve known since Freshman year of college.  Though my dark side said, “FINALE!” my light side said “Friends are all that matters in this life”…you know, the whole live together die alone thing.  So, I will miss watching the finale of my favorite show of all time as it happens and will instead view it on laptop sometime in the middle of the night. As such, I’ll be off twitter and blog for most of the weekend – I don’t want to take any chances of being spoiled!

My blog teammate, nerderific, on the other hand, is having a cavalcade of Lost all weekend long.  She was even at the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night watching Darlton’s very last interview for a while.  She’ll report back next week on all of the fun including a Lost Fan party tonight and a big Finale event tomorrow, so check back!

We’ve gotten a few great tributes so far, which we’ll reveal next week, but we want MORE!  Send in your THANK YOU DARLTON messages, video tributes, pictures of you at your finale parties, stories from previous experiences and anything you want to share with the LOST team and fellow Losties.  We’ll post them next week and beyond!

All you have to do is email your messages and tributes to us at
welovelostblog (at) and we’ll do the rest!

See the ABOUT page for details.  Oh, and you Lost Fan Artists out there, check out our We Love Lost Fan Art Project page…we want you!

* * *
Before we log off for the big weekend, here are a few tributes we want to share to get you ready for tomorrow.

Jorge Garcia, better known as Hurley, wrote a wonderful reminiscence about his time on LOST in yesterday’s Variety. Here’s an excerpt:

Hurley Says Goodbye To Lost

by Jorge Garcia

Moving to Hawaii was a dream come true. When I worked the magazine stand at Borders in Westwood, I remember seeing a picture of Kelsey Grammer in his Hawaiian home on the cover of Architectural Digest and thinking that having a home in Hawaii was a good benchmark for success. Not two months in my new apartment in L.A., I was trying to figure out what to pack for a show that I had no idea how long would last. Now six years later, I walk around my house trying to figure out what to pack from all of the stuff I have amassed in Hawaii over the show’s run.

During the pilot and the first summer of shooting we bonded quickly as a cast. After all, not unlike the show’s premise, we literally found ourselves on an island with one another. We’d go to each other’s houses on the weekends and nights when we weren’t shooting. When the shows started airing, we would usually gather at the house of whomever the show was going to feature that week to watch and congratulate each other.

We had no information about what was going on beyond what we read in the script each week. We knew we were making TV that was not like anything seen before and crossed our fingers hoping we would find an audience who liked what we were doing.

The series premiere brought in better numbers than we anticipated and I remember saying to the other actors the next day, “I hope you like it in Hawaii because we may be here for a while.”

For the COMPLETE article, click here for Variety

* * *

And Jeff Jensen from Entertainment Weekly tweeted about a wonderful reminiscence by Zach (aka The Director) at his blog Mostly Movies . Here’s an excerpt:

LOST: In the words of Jim Morrison, “This is The End…”

by Zach (aka The Director)

During the hiatus between Season 1 and Season 2, I was trying to get my father to sit down with me and watch the first season. I knew my Dad would love the show, for he’s always been into Sci-fi. However, he declined, saying he was “watching too much TV as it is”. For weeks I continued to nag him to watch, until he finally gave in. With each episode we watched, he became more and more hooked. There were some nights where we watched 4 or more episodes. As we finished season 1, and my father watched the famous shot of Locke and Jack peering down the hatch, I remember him turning to me and thanking me for making him watch. LOST became a weekly thing for him and I. At the time, my folks were divorced and I was living with my mom but that didn’t stop us from watching the show together or even being on the phone throughout most of it. At a time when I wasn’t seeing my father as much as I liked, LOST kept us together and even helped us become closer then we already were. So, LOST not only helped me through high school, it helped me through my parent’s divorce.

For the COMPLETE post, click here for Mostly Movies

* * *

And finally, here are a couple of fan-made promos to get us ready for tonight’s rewatch of the Pilot and tomorrow’s last hurrah.

First, “Obsession” by Danny Simonzad, for the Lost Promo Contest.  So good!

So good, and yet, a bit of a bummer, right?  Don’t worry – we have plenty of months of re-watching to go…and LOST will always be with us…in here (points to heart).

And next, a Season Six Final Episode Promo by minorityFILMS sent in to us by Steven Greenstreet.  It’s chock full of the introspective themes that are central to LOST.

Pretty cool, huh? Our Losties have been through a lot!  Come to think of it, so have we…

* * *

And with that we wish you a wonderful LOST FINALE WEEKEND!  Think of me as you enjoy the finale on your wide screen TV.  I’ll be catching up afterward on the tiny laptop screen in my hotel room.  But it doesn’t matter.  I just want to see what happens to the characters we’ve come to love as we reach the end.

(Send in those tributes!)


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