Lostie Love

20 May

Hey Losties,

As the finale draws near, we’re all feeling the mutual love.  In today’s post, we have a fun little assortment of tributes to share, starting with a great video by Lost Fan Stephen Fry!  Check out his tribute to “Losties” (with one of our fav songs of all time)…

Thanks Stephen!

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Next up, podcasters Jay & Jack – who are throwing the biggest Lost finale party of all time for which we gave away two tickets yesterday – are featured in LATimes.com today with an article dedicated to Lost fans!  Here’s an excerpt:

Lost Fans, This One Is For And About You

by Maria Elena Fernandez @writerchica

There are many great things to take in and remember about “Lost.”

But the biggest gift the ABC show has bestowed on those of us who have watched, obsessed, analyzed and debated its meaning and plot over the last six years is… each other.

Wouldn’t you say?

What would this magnificent ride have been if we weren’t constantly talking, blogging, podcasting and, lately, tweeting about how we feel about the show? Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have given birth to an impressive community — not of “crazy Lost fans,” but of people who care deeply about so many things: art, literature, science and philosophy. And, yes, of course, the numbers and the Smoke Monster and the four-toed statue and the Oceanic 815 castaways.

There are many great and popular TV shows, shows that touch hearts and entertain and somehow become bigger than themselves. But what I saw in January on Waikiki Beach — 12,000 people gathered for the season premiere, people who came from around the globe to share a singular experience — spoke volumes to me about the worldwide impact of a drama that started almost on a lark.

It’s both exciting and sad to think of “The End” on Sunday. But the fans have done it again. A whopping 2,000 “Lost” viewers, some from as far away as Europe, Australia and Turkey, will gather at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday for an event that will include Q&A’s with “Lost” actors, with beloved “Lost” blogger Jo Garfein, and the finale screening. And, no, this is not an ABC event.

In fact, I’m going to call it the largest independent fan party in TV history because, honestly, I’ve never heard of anything like this. The hosts are father-and-son “Lost” podcasting dynamos Jay and Jack Glatfelter, who have been doing their thing since 2005 and get 500,000 downloads a month from 70 countries.

For the full article, click here for LATimes.com!

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And since The End is so near, we all need a little hope for the future, right? The sideways world is ripe for spinoffs, and being die-hard Sawyer fans we flipped for this video made by podcasters Jed & Cara.

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Remember, TOMORROW is #ThankstoLost Day on Twitter, so tweet those creative, funny, touching, insightful tweets tomorrow, and check here for a feed on the sidebar.  We’ll pick out some of the best tweets and save them on the main post for all eternity!

A VERY special thanks to our friend Zort at LostARGs for helping us spread the word about #ThankstoLost Day and our site (and for all he and the LostARGS team do in general for those of us who can’t get enough Lost!).

Please be sure to send in your video tributes, pictures, thank you messages, and more all this weekend, and we’ll post them to THANK DARLTON and share with Losties everywhere!  Just email us at welovelostblog (at) gmail.com, and we’ll do the rest!

Oh, and check out our “We Love Lost Fan Art Project Page – we want you!

Until later, Aloha!


And The Winner Is…

19 May

Our Lost Finale Contest has closed, and with much consideration to all of the wonderful entries, we’ve chosen our candidate:

Marcy Smith!

Haley and Marcy (holding her daughter)

Here are some excerpts from her entry:

I want to surprise my niece and take her with me.  Obviously, we are mega fans of all things LOST, but whats most important to me is her and her happiness.  My niece Haley is so special, she is redemption in human form.  I believe that my faith brought her to this world. When my sister was in a dark place I prayed that something, anything, pull her out of this part of her life. Well, it was Haley…My sister became the best mother I ever knew, all because of Haley. Now 14 years later, Haley is going through some tough times…We had to explain to her about her fathers drug problems.  We decided the best way was the example of Charlie Pace.  This made her feel so much better because she knows he can get better and be good again. And just very recently, he is redeeming himself as well.  Please consider us for these tickets. This would be the most fun day of our lives!

~ Marcy

Marcy’s story is the epitome of what Lost is all about, and we couldn’t resist giving her and her niece this special experience.

We’ll send her two orchestra tickets for this Sunday’s Jay & Jack Finale Party at the Orpheum sponsored by Global Cash Card.  Congratulations Marcy and Haley!

* * *

Honorable Mention goes to Kristy Davis, who sent in a great poem about Locke!  For her creativity, we’re going to send her a fun Lost-related treat. Here’s her poem:

My obsession with LOST, it runs so deep
I dream of hatches; hear ticka-tickas in my sleep
I love to quote John Locke, it’s true…
“Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

I fell in love right from the start.
‘Twas Locke’s sly grin that stole my heart.
The adventure and suspense held me tight
when I heard the monster that first night.

Since the reveal  in Walkabout,
Locke’s mystery has always stood out.
From broken man to Man In Black,
From deceived son to leader of the pack…

He will prevail and be redeemed
‘Cause up till now it’s not as it seemed.
Locke’s story has been the best by far.
Oh, how I will miss that telltale scar…


Kristy in L.A.

Thank you to EVERYONE that entered!!! We hope you all find great ways to spend finale night.  Please send pics – we’ll post them here!


Also a reminder that Friday is #ThankstoLost Day on Twitter!  We’ll have a feed of all of the messages here, so check in on Friday and see what other Losties are saying. We’re going to pick a few of the best posts along the way and will feature them on our main page so be creative!

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Thanks again.  Losties are the best!

The Tributes Keep Coming!

18 May

The Injustice League created this fan-tastic musical tribute, “I’ll Never Be Lost Again”, which pretty much sums up how we’re all feeling right about now. As far as We Love Lost is concerned, it’s now our unofficial theme song! Enjoy!

And more tributes are popping up!  Jeff Jensen of Entertainment Weekly, in his ‘Lost’ countdown post today, mentioned a few ways to prepare for The End.  In addition to #ThankstoLost Day on Twitter this Friday, he mentions the site 815 Sentences About Lost, a project bringing together 108 different people to share their thoughts about Lost during the last season.  Here’s one of the many insightful messages:

“My relationship with Lost is by far the most frustrating relationship of my life. It is almost as if Lost is the boyfriend my friends and family have never approved of, but put up with because he made me happy. The one that I used to talk about of the time, but have since quieted about because I could tell my endless examination of every little detail annoyed my loved ones. That boy that makes me ecstatic and excited one week, yet annoyed and unsettled the next. The one that I spent six years with (on and off of course), although I admittedly almost wish that I had bailed a long time ago. Yet every time I considered walking out, I think of all of the time and energy spent watching, reading, and discussing and I realize that I can’t quit. Of course I can’t quit. It has been six long years, and I must see this relationship through.”

Nicole lives and works in Washington D.C and feels like the only person in the whole world who still, after everything, totally digs Jack Shephard.

Log on to the site to read more messages!

And The Paley Center for Media, which recently had a great LOST panel at their Los Angeles “Paley Fest”,  wants to capture each of us as we have our Last Lost Moment.  Log on to their blog to see how you can submit your photos on Sunday night.

And as with all good ideas, someone else had it, too.  Check out welovelost.com (no relation) – a fun little application that’s picking up all twitter feeds mentioning #welovelost!  (We’re trying to get them to add #ThankstoLost to their feed, too!…we can hope, right?)


If you know of any creative video or musical tributes, let us know and we’ll post them here!  And be sure to send us YOUR personal pictures and messages to THANK DARLTON – especially pictures of you celebrating on finale night – by emailing us at welovelostblog (at) gmail.com.  We’ll post them here so you can share them with Darlton and the world!

Feeling The Love Already!

18 May

Our friend, Jo Garfein, tweeted this morning about a great article in USA Today in which a few cast members and writers reminisce about their time with LOST.  It’s the perfect start to our celebration of Thanks!

Here are a few highlights from the article:

By Bill Keveney



Age: 37

Relationship to Lost: Plays Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

Path to Lost: He came to J.J. Abrams‘ attention thanks to an episode of HBO‘s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Co-creators Abrams and Damon Lindelof initially didn’t have a character for him, so he read Sawyer’s lines at his first audition, then they designed a part for him. “I remember testing and being the only Hurley there,” says Garcia.

Something special: “The first summer that we were shooting episodes before we aired, we knew we had something different. I mean, doing episodes where you find out Locke is in a wheelchair and episodes where it was half in Korean with subtitles, we kind of crossed our fingers and hoped the TV viewing audience would be interested in what we were doing.”


Age: 57

Relationship to Lost: Plays Oceanic 815 survivor John Locke and, now, the smoke monster. He won an Emmy in 2007.

Before Lost: “People have this idea I was at death’s door and I wasn’t. But the wolf was at mine. Then again, he and I are old friends,” he says, referring to the uncertainties of the acting trade. Then he got a call from Abrams, for whom he had worked on Alias. “It was significant, if you believe in some sort of universal alignment.” He does.

High point: O’Quinn’s sentimental favorite episode is “Walkabout,” a first-season outing that revealed his character had been in a wheelchair before the plane crash. “It’s the one that sent me into another gear in excitement.”


JO GARFEIN (blogger)

Age: 37

Relationship to Lost: Writes the blog Get Lost With JOpinionated (jopinionated.blogspot.com).

From fan to blogger: “I would theorize about (Lost) with friends in the so-called water-cooler situation. We would talk about it and e-mail each other. At the end of Season 2, my friends suggested I start compiling my theories in an e-mail and send them out, and I said, ‘Why don’t I just blog them?’ “

Lost influence on her: “It’s changed my life both personally and professionally. I’ve made some amazing friends through the online Lost community. I’ve met people through Facebook and Lost events, like Comic-Con. … Writing about Lost has opened career doors that otherwise may not have been open to me before,” including a writing gig with AOL TV.

LYNNETTE PORTER (author and professor)

Age: 53

Relationship to Lost: Co-author of Unlocking the Meaning of Lost and Lost’s Buried Treasures. Discusses series in literature classes at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla.

Lost lessons: “When I look at Lost, I see connections of people and see that reflected in the real world with connections of fans and the way they talk to each other. It’s been really cathartic in a lot of ways for me to realize what other people are going through. … It’s relating to a human story and finding those elements that currently might resonate with something I’m going through in my life.”

Finale feelings: Mixed. “Part of me is unhappy it’s ending, but yet I also want to know how the story ends. It’s like with any good story, I get involved with the characters. I would be with those people another six years easily.” At the same time, “I’m also glad that the series is ending at a good point, that they could look ahead and go, ‘We’re going to make it go three years longer and that’s it.’ “

To read the entire article with all of the juicy details, click here:

And don’t forget that Friday is Thanks to Lost Day on Twitter! And remember send in your own messages, pics and video of thanks here anytime this week and next week for a permanent post by emailing us at welovelostblog (at) gmail.com!

Say Farewell…ON THE AIR!

18 May


Selected Messages from Fans will be Used On-Air During Retrospective Special

In celebration of the sixth and final season for LOST, ABC and Verizon will give fans a unique opportunity to participate and say goodbye to one of the most iconic shows of all-time. Fans will need to watch LOST on Tuesday, May 18 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) in order to get a special short code to text in their farewell messages. Only Verizon customers are eligible to enter and all text entries must be received within 30 minutes after the special short code is aired on ABC. Standard text/data rates may apply.

Selected messages will then be used on-air on Sunday, May 23 during the retrospective special,

LOST: The Final Journey, from 7:00-9:00 p.m., ET, which takes a look back over the past six seasons of this groundbreaking show that precedes the highly anticipated series finale from 9:00-11:30 p.m. E.T.



And once again, don’t forget that Friday is “Thanks to Lost” Day on Twitter, and be sure to send your messages, photos and thanks here, which will last beyond Friday, beyond Sunday, and beyond 2010!

“Thanks to Lost” Day – This Friday!

18 May

Hey Everyone,

Our friend Jami Losurdo has created “Thanks to LOST” day – coming up this Friday (5/21) on Twitter!

Be sure to thank Darlton and the LOST crew in 140 characters or less, and include the hashtag #ThankstoLost . We’ll pick out some of the best tweets and add them to our page here, so tell your friends, and say Thanks to LOST!

Oh, and don’t forget to send in your Thank You messages, pictures and updates to welovelostblog (at) gmail.com before and after the finale to continue to Thank Darlton and to share your favorite experiences with the LOST team and your fellow Losties.  We want to see your finale celebration photos and hear about your experiences!

Until then, Razzle Dazzle!

We Love Lost!

12 May

We love LOST…and if you’re here, we’re pretty sure you love LOST, too.  So why not spread the love and tell the world what LOST has done for you?

Is LOST just a show?  Heck no!  It’s a journey filled with constant mystery, variable experiences and innumerable greatest hits.  Now is your opportunity to THANK DARLTON and share your LOST journey.  Razzle Dazzle!

Have you spent hours on message boards arguing the validity of multiple worlds theory?  Have you dressed up in a Dharma uniform and ventured out to meet other Losties (hopefully also dressed in Dharma uniform)?  Have you argued with your BFF that whatever happens happens better not happen? Whether you’re a fan, a crew member or a colleague, we want to know your LOST experience!

Here are your instructions:

Option #1 – Send us a video telling (and showing!) what LOST has meant to you these past six years.  In three minutes or so, thank Darlton and tell them why you love LOST…and what LOST has done for (or to) you.  It’s the least we can do, right?  Then we’ll upload your videos and keep this record of why we all love LOST.  Dude, it’s totally cool.

Send the URL link to your youtube video with your full name and the title of the video to welovelostblog (at) gmail.com

Option #2 –  If video isn’t your thing, then send a message with words and pictures!  In 200 words or less, thank Darlton and tell them what you’ve been up to thanks to their show.  And be sure to include your full name and one creative picture of yourself in all of your LOST glory. Photos must be sized for the web and no larger than 200kb.  As in #1, send your submissions to welovelostblog (at) gmail.com

We’ll do our best to upload your submissions in a timely manner.  And we’ll also do our best to review each piece for appropriate content.  But we’re only human, so if you see anything that isn’t appropriate, please report it immediately.

Thank you, and namaste.